The Apprenticeship Program

Local 157 Training Building

Local 157 Training Building

What makes a Real Journeyman™ plumber and steamfitter is the completion of the five-year apprenticeship program. This program is administered by the Joint Apprenticeship Training Center (JATC), which is part of the Plumber and Steamfitters Local 157. In fact, the JATC is the most important part of any Real Journeyman™ skilled trades Local because it is the source of tomorrow's Real Journeyman™ skilled tradesmen.

Local 157 Training Building

Apprentices Learning to Thread Pipe

The five-year apprenticeship is a demanding program, that requires an apprentice to log eight-thousand hours of on-the-job training. The apprentices are paid for this work at a rate that increases with each additional year spent in the program.

Apprentices Learning to Thread Pipe
Ivy Tech graduation

An Associate’s Degree is Part of the Program

During the apprentice's five-years of on-the-job instruction, he or she is also required to complete a custom-tailored two-year associate’s degree program. This is a joint program through the JATC and Ivy Tech and upon its completion the apprentice will receive their associate’s degree from Ivy Tech.

apprentice learning to weld

Apprentices Learn Needed Skills Hands-On

These studies include many “lab” hours in which the apprentice is taught skills relevant to the trade. In the case of apprentice plumbers and steamfitters the apprentice will receive a great deal of instruction in welding leading towards specialized welding certifications.

Medical gas mechanical room

The Training Even Includes Medical Gasses

He or she will also be trained in all aspects of plumbing as well as HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning), including the required special handling for medical gasses. The apprentice will learn how to secure loads for hoisting. There are a great number of areas in which the apprentice will need to show proficiency, and they will be regularly tested on these skills. State and national licensing tests are required in a number of areas and the apprentice must achieve these certifications to successfully complete the program.

Service to the Community

Apprentices are also required to become community-minded and be willing to donate their skills to their community and area not-for-profit agencies. Most Real JourneymanTM skilled tradesmen will continue in this community spirit even after completing their apprenticeships.

United Way

Orientation Sessions are Available for Learning More

Individuals interested in pursuing an apprenticeship as a plumber and steamfitter are wecome to attend an orientation session to learn more about our program.

Local 157 Training Center
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Becoming an Apprentice