Real JourneymanTM is dedicated to today's skilled tradesman and the continuing tradition of excellence through apprenticeships.

Most people today hear the term “Plumber and Steamfitter” they typically shake their heads with puzzled looks on their faces. The term “steamfitter” particularly throws them off. “Weren't those the guys who worked on the pipes of the old steam locomotives a hundred years ago?” Actually, steamfitters do exist today and they serve critical roles working for industries and institutions. Most people think they know what a plumber is, but their knowledge is usually limited to the local handyman plumber who fixed their leaky faucet. These local handyman plumbers typically wear heavy tool belts that tug down on their pants sometimes exposing an area too often referred to as “plumber's crack”. The Plumbers and Steamfitters would certainly prefer people instead use the term “trouser cleavage”.

In today's world, a “plumber and steamfitter” is a highly-trained professional who has studied long and hard to earn this designation. They are seldom seen fixing leaky faucets or working on any sort of residential repairs. Their world is in the industrial and institutional realms where large-diameter pipes can be found carrying every sort of substance including hazardous liquids and gasses. They are trained in everything from ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) certified welding to how to deal with different types of medical gasses. Moreover, each of these individuals has invested a minimum of five full years into their training, completed a degree and spent eight-thousand (8,000) hours receiving supervised on-the-job instruction. This training was all part of their apprenticeship, an apprenticeship that is required to become a Real JourneymanTM Plumber and Steamfitter.

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